Kiviuq Research Expedition Update January 7th


The Kiviuq completed its 2015 Nunavut research expedition in November.  Over the course of the 3 month trip, AFA was able to:

  • Complete 12 days of exploratory fishing and ecosystem research near Arctic Bay in August.
    • Shrimp and whelk were discovered near the community as a result.
    • Hunters from Arctic Bay were transported aboard the Kiviuq to Devon Island for a musk ox hunt for the community.
    • A community feast of shrimp and musk ox was held to celebrate.
  • Complete 13 days of exploratory fishing and ecosystem research near Resolute Bay.
    • Shrimp and whelk were also located here.
    • Hunters from Resolute Bay were transported to Bathurst Island using the Kiviuq to hunt caribou for the community.
    • A community feast of shrimp and caribou was held to celebrate.
  • Assist Ocean Tracking Network (OTN’s) find and retrieve all of its acoustic moorings from Maxwell Bay after 4 years on the seafloor.
    • Redeploy these moorings near Scott Inlet, Broughton Island, and in Cumberland Sound to support OTN’s ongoing inshore turbot fishery research.
  • Complete 13 days of by-catch reduction research near Qikiqtarjuaq that will increase the sustainability of the turbot fishery.
  • Collect video of coldwater corals for Earth Rangers – a children’s conservation group.
  • Deliver community-ordered supplies and groceries to all four communities (with help from Kenn Borek Air for Grise Fiord).
  • Deliver reindeer from Greenland for a community feast in Qikiqtarjuaq and for the high Arctic communities.

We are very happy with the success of the 2015 research trip and are already planning for 2016.  The results of the research are currently being analyzed by scientists from Marine Institute.  We expect to have a summary of the findings available in the spring.