Onshore in Nunavut- September 15th

AFA is a 100% Inuit owned and operated company and as a thanks to the people of Nunavut, we have been taking our profits and working on Community Capacity Building Programs. With this program we are striving to create local jobs along with infrastructure for the local hunters and trappers. Our yearly exploratory/test fishery applies to this program as does our local hunting excursions, community freezer set ups and repairs, supply deliveries, and other various activities throughout the year.

This year as part of our Community Capacity Building Program, AFA has purchased and delivered reefer containers on the Sealift to each of the four communities; Resolute Bay, Arctic Bay, Grise Fiord and Qikiqtarjuaq. The containers were filled with goods in Montreal and once delivered to their respective community each of them will be set up for use as a community freezer. Each container is equipped with commercial shelving and diesel gensets to control the temperatures for food supplies. AFA employees have been travelling between communities to help set up the reefer containers to be used as community freezers and we are hoping that the communities will take full advantage of the extra freezer space in the upcoming winter.

This year AFA has also hired several people to help with local projects such as assisting the Resolute Bay Co-op Hotel in getting ready to bring guests in, installing the reefer containers and mechanics to repair the community freezers. In addition to setting up the freezers and reefers, preventative maintenance mechanics are being trained in each community so they will be able to maintain the freezers in working condition for years to come. We are pleased that the investments in the community are well received and appreciated.

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