Kiviuq- September 15th

On August 23rd the Kiviuq delivered Arctic Bay local Musk Ox hunters to Devon Island for 4 days of hunting. While the hunters were hunting on Devon Island, the Kiviuq continued on with its exploratory fishery with help of a local elder, Tommy Tatatuapik Sr. along with some other local fishermen. Mr. Tatatuapik was onboard to give AFA some knowledge of the more traditional locations of finding fish in the area which proved to be helpful. On the 27th, the Kiviuq travelled back to Devon Island to pick up the local hunters and bring them home to Arctic Bay.

The hunters were successful in their hunt and with the help of AFA held a community feast with their latest catches. The Kiviuq supplied whelk and shrimp, which were caught locally during the test fishery, along with Halibut caught on an early year fishery off the coast of Newfoundland. During the feast there was a demonstration on how to use the haulers provided by AFA. On August 31st the Kiviuq departed Arctic Bay and travelled further inland to Resolute Bay.

We are pleased that the Kiviuq arrived on September 1st in Resolute Bay for the first time to take part in a test fishery in the area. Before beginning the test fishery, goods such as groceries and hunters and trappers supplies were offloaded in the community and the Kiviuq delivered local hunters to Bathurst Island to take part in a hunting excursion. After returning from the hunt, a community feast was also held in Resolute with the help of AFA. A local elder, Mr. Simon Idlout, agreed to take part in the test fishery to show AFA some traditional fishing grounds that may yield high catches and some local fishermen were hired to help with the fishing exercises. As of September 12th the Kiviuq has been taking part in an inshore test fishery and are continuing that test fishery until the 17th. AFA supplied a hauler which has been installed on a 22 foot boat in Resolute which will also be used for inshore fishing.

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