Kiviuq 1- August 18th

After stopping in Nain Labrador to get more fuel, the Kiviuq continued travelling north to meet the Suvak. The Kiviuq then continued on its schedule towards Resolute Bay to take part in some exploratory fishing in the area, along with offloading supplies and taking hunters in the community hunting on a nearby island. Unfortunately, due to ice conditions, the Kiviuq had to switch course and stop at Arctic Bay instead.

In Arctic Bay, the Kiviuq is offloading supplies and groceries purchased in Newfoundland. Currently the Kiviuq is taking part in an exploratory fishery in the area. So far we have recorded findings of shrimp and whelk in the area. Next week, the Kiviuq will be taking local hunters to nearby Devon Island to hunt Musk Ox. The hunters will be dropped back to Arctic Bay before the Kiviuq moves on to Resolute Bay at the end of August.

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