Kiviuq 1 update July 23 2015

After the annual refit in Lunenburg, the Kiviuq is now currently in Newfoundland and is being prepared to do its annual exploratory fishery/ cargo deliveries to the AFA communities. All orders from Resolute Bay, Arctic Bay, Qikiqtarjuaq and Grise Fiord have been prepared for departure and are being loaded onto the vessel this week for an early departure next week depending, of course, on ice conditions. This year plans have been made to visit Resolute Bay first. Last year ice conditions didn’t allow the Kiviuq to get to Resolute Bay and all deliveries had to be flown from Arctic Bay.   We look forward to completing our deliveries this year by vessel to all four communities.

In addition to the Kiviuq making deliveries, AFA has purchased and provided to each of the four communities a reefer container to be used for food storage. These containers were purchased out of Montreal and had shelving and gensets installed so that they are operational upon delivery. They were then filled with goods ordered from the HTA’s and trustees along with some small personal orders. We are pleased with the orders and hope that the container delivery benefits all four of the communities immensely.

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